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Book Emporium

Katescastle sell Vintage and Second hand books. We carry a wide range of specialist books including a comprehensive range of children’s books.

Katescastle Supports Local Authors.

Katescastle supports our many local authors and carries a large range of boutique publications that range from children’s books and murder mysteries to autobiographies and tourist books.

Special Gift Signings.

Katescastle can arrange for a specially 

signed and dedicated book to be gift 

wrapped and posted to your special

 person for Birthdays, Easter and 


                        Every special person should have 

                             a book dedicated to them

Parties and Events…. 

                                         ….……..with a Twist

Katescastle can arrange special parties and events for you. We arrange for exciting story tellers to visit your event with boxes of fun and games, all based around your favourite books and their pictures.

Contact Cathy to explore how we can make your celebration a very special party.

General Stock Lines and Special Sales

Books and Sets can range from as low as $1.00 upwards. 

With 1000’s to choose from its worth contacting Katescastle to arrange a visit to the Emporium.

Katescastle also visits some of the local farmers markets carrying a smaller range. Its worth contacting us if you are looking for something special 

Explore our range of books and services, 

                            email Cathy on

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